Birth of Warda doodle by Google in the memory of great Arabian singer

Google releaasd the 74th anniversary of birth of Warda doodle on the home page on Google Arabia. Warda was one of the biggest singer that Arab world have seen.

 birth of Warda doodle
The 74th anniversary of birth of Warda(July 22, 2013)

In Birth of Warda doodle ,Google have included a sketch of her image as if she is singing. The image that we can see on the homepage is very attractive and it reflects the feel that we can see on Warda’s face while singing beautiful songs. The alphabet ‘o’ is replace with the picture of mike.

Birth of Warda Google doodle given a bluish color with Warda wearing a dark blue dress. Warda Al Jaiziria was born as the daughter of Lebanese mother and Algerian father on 22nd of July in 1939 at Puteaux in France.


At the age of eleven itself Warda showed her talent in singing. It was the Algerian patriotic songs Warda sang made her noticed in the childhood and after her marriage she left singing career for some years as her husband did not like her taking this career.

It was in the year 1972 Warda again started her singing career, She performed with Egyptian orchestra on the Algerian Independence Day receiving invitation from Algerian President of that time. She then got diverse from her husband. After that Warda went to Egypt and started a new life dedicated to music after getting married to Baligh Hamdi, a music composer.

It was after  marriage with Baligh Hamdi, Warda sang  most of the beautiful songs in lifetime. All Warda music reflected the clarity and beauty of her voice. Warda was died on May 22nd of 2012 at the age of 72 due to heart attack.

With Birth of Warda doodle , on the anniversary of birth of Warda after her death Google honored her and this is a real tribute to this great singer.