Choreographer Birgit Cullberg honored with Google Doodle

Sunday’s Google homepage in Sweden marks birthday of famous choregrapher Birgit Cullberg. It’s 106th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle.

Birgit Cullberg Google Doodle
Birgit Cullberg Google Doodle(August 3, 2014)

Cullberg gave a new rise to Ballet. In Google Doodle for Birgit Cullberg, you can see her image in dance move at center. Black costume  with background of lighter black color and decorations in red and black makes up doodle. Google doodle takes you to search page for ‘ Birgit Cullberg ‘ , clicking on it.

Birgit Cullberg life and Works

On 3 August 1908, Cullberg born in Sweden as the daughter of Carl Cullberg and Elna Westerström. Cullberg is famous for her choreography of ballet in different stages around globe. Krut Jooss and Liliaan Karina taught her ballet.

It was during the period 1952 to 1957, Cullberg studied ballet from The Royal Ballet. After her studies by 1960 she became the director and choreographer, Stockholm City Theater was her work place initially. The way Cullberg combined morden dance and ballet and presented in stage made her differed from other ballet choreographers.

Moon Reindeer, Medea and Miss Julie, these three ballet performances made her recognized internationally. Apart from stage choreography, Cullberg did many televesion performances and excelled in television too. The Red wine and Green glasses, duet performance made her noticed in US televisions and she was given Prix Italia award in 1970 for this.

Cullberg Ballet

Cullberg Ballet, founded in 1967 by Birgit Cullberg and other prominent ballet artist from different countries made ballet recognize internationally. This Swedish dance company became a huge success within few years. By 1971, Cullberg Ballet raised as leading dance company giving 20 performances in France and 14 in London that year.

Cullberg Ballet got many honors and awards for the excellence and contribution in ballet including the gold medal for best foreign ballet at Paris Autumn Festival. Birgit Cullberg was director of company till 1985. Cullberg Scholarship was granted in her honor by Swedish Arts Grand Committee.

Birgit Cullberg died on 8 Sepetember 1999, at the age of 91. Todays Google Doodle honors her at Sweden. Doodle will be present for 24 hours on 3 August 2014.