Bing challenge Google through new contest

It is business habits that challenge each other. World’s top most multinational tech companies Apple Google and Microsoft challenge each other to rise up their product market. Now Bing challenge Google through new contest.Bing challenge Google through new contest

It had been a long years since Google standing in the top most position in search engine service. Other tech companies put forward many challenges and also try to prove that there are search engines in web world that is better than Google. Now Microsoft Inc in this track to challenge the search giant.

Microsoft Company said that they wish to make aware of the people that Bing search engine is far better than Google. For this the tech king made a national wide program called Bing it on to show that Bing is the best.

On bing it on competition the web users becomes the judges, users can choose their favorite search engine through the site which was hosted by Microsoft Inc. Through this website users can made many searches in both Google and Bing in separate sections. By analyzing the results they can vote for their favorite search engine.

As the website is launched on 06-09-2012 the report shows that most of the users liked for Bing. The Bing owners said that now most of the people looking up for Bing rather than Google.

In reality more that 70% of people made their searches through Google. The tech giant gets more than 4 billion search queries from all over the world including Antarctica.