NASA released 1.3 billion pixel panoramic view of Mars

There is not all limitation in Men’s dream to the exploration of solar system. The US based National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the space research agency that think along with this dream. The landing of Curiosity rover on Mars is the biggest achievement made by this agency. Now NASA released 1.3 billion pixel panoramic view of Mars.

billion pixel panoramic view of MarsThe Curiosity robotic rover landed on Marks on 6th August 2012. The people around the globe got the chance to experience the Mars surface with the image send out form this Mars mission robot from NASA. Each image from the curiosity rover tells us about how actually the Mar is. Now the 1.3 billion pixel panoramic view of Mars mission makes a real life viewing experience of the red planet.

billion pixel panoramic view of Mars

NASA uses the panoramic equipment along with the support from Software Company GigaPan to develop this massive 1.3 billion image of Mars. To collect this visual data NASA uses three camera of Curiosity. There are 850 images stiches together to form this massive big panoramic image.

NASA written in their official website that it is a billion pixel view of Mars. It is a special name called by the space agency where the curiosity rover collects minerals and composition from Mars. The 1.3 billion pixel panoramic image covers the same visual data of rocknest.billion pixel panoramic view of mars

With this awesome billion pixel panorama from NASA you can track the path of curiosity at rocknest. The image is actually composed of 900 frames from the curiosity rovers’ camera. It helps you to focus to each part of the image in depth. You can zoom into any part of image to its depth. It helps you to understand about the surface of Mars at its best.

With NASA’s 1.3 billion panoramic view of Mars you get a feeling to watching the red planet elements very next to you. Of course, NASA providing such a great opportunity for the people around the world to experience the surface of Mars with billion-pixel panoramic image of the red planet.


Billion pixel panoramic view 1


billion pixel panoramic view 2


Billion pixel panoramic view 3