150th Anniversary of Big Ben Google Doodle

It’s in the year 1858 the great bell of the clock know as Big Ben was built. Charles Barry’s skills along with Augustus Pugin’s design was the reason for the creation of this beautiful Big Ben tower , now one of the main symbol of London. It was in the year 2009, grand celebration of 150th Anniversary of Big Ben took place in London.

Big Ben Google Doodle
150th Anniversary of Big Ben Google Doodle (May 31, 2009)

It was on that celebration day in 2009 this Big Ben Google Doodle appeared on the Google homepage. Big Ben Google Doodle imaged this tower that we can see in the palace of Westminster in London replacing the letter ‘l’.

It is common that Google comes up with change in logo on the special days with historical importance and birthdays of famous personalities. Clock tower was the name in given to this tower in the doodle till 2011. In the year 2012 the name of the tower was changed to Elizabeth Tower in relation with the diamond jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II.

Big Ben
Big Ben

The Clock tower with the height about 315 feet is designed in a Gothic revival style. Google doodle on the 150th anniversary of Big Ben ,construction which showcase the skills and talents of mankind is a very beautiful one that appeared in the Google homepage till then.

In London there was special programs arranged in relation with this anniversary celebration of Big Ben. Clock Tower which is now named as Elizabeth Tower is one of the main tourist place over there.

Tourist who goes to London will somehow find few minutes to see this historical place. The big clock that we can see in the tower is famous for is reliability and accuracy. There was many circumstances when the clock stopped functioning like due to hot weather, military attacks and so on.

As this became the major symbol of nation during war time the enemies spotted the place relating to this huge tower. So for many days clock’s light was turned off during night to not guide them the place.

Big Ben is the name given to the main bell inside the tower. This name was given to the bell in honor to Benjamin Hall. This tower has got great association with the major events that takes place for public. Google with this doodle became a part of the celebrations organized over there on the day.