Bharti Airtel launches 4G LTE services in major cities of India

World’s third largest telecom company Bharti Airtel launches 4G LTE services in major cities of India . Airtel is the first ever telecom service to bring LTE service to India.Bharti Airtel launches 4G LTE services in major cities of IndiaLong Term Evolution or basically 4G LTE is high speed wireless telecommunication service for voice and data services by third generation partnership project (3GPP). LTE network is developed to improve the both the data and voice service over the network. LTE network offers a lightning download speed of 100Mbps and upload speed of 50Mbps. One of the main features of LTE network is it uses totally different frequency band in different regions so that we need multi banded cell phones to access those networks. It uses frequency division duplex (FDD) and Time division duplex (TDD).

Airtel launched 4G LTE in Bangalore and Kolkata earlier in this year and now they had launch the high speed network in Pune. At this time in all three cities can only access the data service. Voice service from LTE network is not active at the moment. The service offers ever faster data service in the country till exits.

The Bharti Airtel also offers 4G Multi Mode Dongle for just $92(INR 4999) for accessing the LTE network. You can’t upgrade your 3G modem to 4G dongle so that for accessing 4G LTE 4G dongle is a must one. The reason for why Airtel request the customers to gets for a multi dongle is that it supports for all second generation (2G) third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) networks. The single mode Dongle supports for only 4G network access. Also you can use this modem on any desktop or laptop computers.

4G LTE distributionAirtel announced the data plans for 4G as 6GB usage costs up to $18.56(INR 999) and for 30GB will charge up to $55.73(INR 2999). Also different other offers are available between these plans. The telecom company also offers the users access of Airtel broadband TV which offers 76 top channels. This will charge $2.78(INR 150) from the users and also rates monthly charges. You will be able to change your package at your wish. It is also offers online gaming called Games on demand which offers world’s most popular games such as NFS and FIFA. It will get charged $3.69(INR 199) per month.

The reason for Why Airtel chooses for cities like Bangalore Kolkata and Pune is that basically LTE service will only target for the areas where 3G network is available and where neighborhoods are commonly used the service. The speed of the network is also depends upon factors like area current network…Etc. Airtel said that surely an average users will gets a network speed of 2o to 60 Mbps. It will depend upon coverage neighborhood usage and USB dongle.