Make better image search with Google Goggles application

Phrase search, voice search, image search all sorts of searches seen to be best with Google. You can make better image search with Google Goggles application

better image search with Google Goggles applicationGoogle search by image and Google Goggles are the two parts of same coin. Both of this provide a better searching options. Google goggles application helps you to search results on images that you have captured in your phone. That is you just have to click the image and all other duties of finding the information related to it will be done by Google goggles. Google goggles provides better results than Google search by image option as it uses similarity checking option and image recognition in providing the results accurately. Google goggles is available for both android and iOS.

better image search with Google Goggles application

Now you can go through a look what all are the things Google goggles do for us. Google goggles provide you with all the details of a book author, price, year of publishing and all other relevant details if you just have an image of the book with you. Google goggles do all the similarity checking and gives you the appropriate result from a huge database. Likewise just imagine you are alone in a very new place and you don’t now the way.

What you have to do if you have Google goggles is just click an image in and the entire landmark will be properly seen with the place route map where you have to go and if you don’t know the language written in a name board of that place Google goggles will translate it for you. If you saw a beautiful artwork on a museum and you want to know more about it the only thing you have to with Google goggles is to click the image and all the information related to that image will be in your hand with in a few time.

This is a completely free application which is useful and helpful. Google will save the images that used in searching if you are convenient with it to improve the quality of service or else you can simply disable the search history if you have any privacy issues.

Google image search also provides you to search with the image. It has got mainly four methods to search for an image. First one is drag the image in to the search box in the Google homepage. Then next option is to click the camera and upload the image in to the search box. The next searching option provide search by image is to use the Google Chrome browser and right click on the image that you want to search. Finally the fourth option for the search by image is to paste the URL of the image in to the search box and click on search button.

Google goggles is the better way to search for the image as the data related to an image that you want will be more accurately present in front of you by using it. It is one of the best image recognition search application built until now.