Google’s Belgium National Day 2013 doodle with Coat of Arms

Google came up with a beautiful  Belgium National Day 2013 doodle on July 21st. Google doodle included the coat of arms of Belgium in it.

Belgium National Day 2013 Doodle
Belgium National Day 2013(July 21, 2013)

The golden color design with the coat of arms makes the Belgium National Day 2013 doodle elegant. Google always come up with special doodles on national days of the countries with unique ingredients which points to the prestige of the nation. Belgium National day is similar one with attractive appearance.

Belgium celebrates national day on 21st July to commemorate the event in which Leopold I became the first king of Belgium in the year 1831 after the Belgium Revolution of 1830. It was from Netherlands, Belgium got independence after the revolution. Since then Belgium followed monarchial rule in the country.

Coat of Arms Belgium
Coat of Arms Belgium

France, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg are the countries to which Belgium share the boarders. Belgium is a country which have great importance among other countries of the world.

There are many famous people from Belgium including many architects, authors, scientists, artists and models who have shown great skills in the areas were they have specialized. It is a country which has given many contribution to the world in all possible areas including economic, political and scientific technologies.

Albert II is the present King of Belgium but on the cabinet meet of July 3rd of 2013 he announced that he will abdicate the throne on the national day of 2013,  that is on July 21st , due to health reasons.

Belgium National Day 2013  has got great importance in Belgium as the king Albert II have announced that he will abdicate and his son Prince Philippe will succeed him. In the farewell speech for the country King Albert insisted people to work with unity.With  Belgium National Day 2013 doodle ,Google wished a happy and very special day to all the people of Belgium.