BBC weather application out for android and iOS

British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC is the world’s largest broadcasting service. It is the unique destination to find out all types of news. Now BBC weather application out for android and iOS.

BBC weather application It is better to catch up with the service which is dominant in area you have searching for. For accessing right global news at any time there is no other service like BBC. The weather application from BBC surely turns to be a most successful application in both android and iOS.

BBC weather application

You can download this application from app stores of android and iOS. BBC weather application provides a simpler and clearer design for the users. It provides up to date weather information without having any interruption. You can find out weather information of any places with instant search through the application.

application screenhsotsOnce you set the default place, the application keeps providing the real time information of that particular place. You can also save your favorite places for getting up to date weather information. This Application also provides hourly forecast. Such updation form this weather application can provide pressure, visibility and humidity of desired place.

You will also get sunrise and sunset time from the hourly updation. Once you swipe vertically within the application it shows the list of all your favorite places you stored within it. On android phones you can share the details to your friends through NFC. Also the application takes only little memory space from your device.