Google France Celebrating Bastille Day 2014 with doolde

Google Doodle Bastille Day 2014 is on Google France homepage. July 14, The French National Day also known as Bastille Day and in French La Fête Nationale is celebrated with grand programs.


Bastille Day 2014 Google Doodle
Bastille Day 2014 Google Doodle(July 14, 2014)

Google Doodle is included in France National flag color. Little animation given to the doodle makes it attractive. Doodler is Julie Adore. Julie Adore explains her experience on doodling in official Google Doodle page.  Storming of Bastille Prison, the first incident that made beginning of French Revolution is commemorated on the day.

Programs of Bastille Day includes a large Parade in front of  President and other officials. Bastille Day parade is one of the largest  and oldest parade taking place in Paris, France. Apart from parade other major programs includes stunning fireworks and music concerts. Other than France, in places were french people live around the world also celebrates the day.

Clicking on the Google Doodle for Bastille Day 2014, you will taken to search page of search giant with phrase ‘Bastille Day’. All news from France and other links relating the celebration of day will be in front of you.

Storming of Bastille : A look to History

It’s on 14 July 1789 incident which became the base of Bastille Day observance took place. Togetherness of French Nation and beginning of French Revolution which led an end to the sole rule of king Louis XVI is marked in the history by this day.

Celebration of the day as we can see now started 100 years after the actual incident in 1879 though small programs were held in some places before. Today France celebrate it as the best day in the year. Entire day is dedicated for enjoying freedom they got years before on the day.

Google have always came up with Bastille Day doodles to be the part of celebration. This year also they are ready with National Day doodle.

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