Bastille Day 2006 Google Doodle

The Bastille Day is celebrated as French National Day on 14th July and so called in French speaking countries. In French language the Bastille Day is also known as ‘Le quatorze juillet’.

Bastille Day 2006 Google Doodle
Bastille Day 2006 Google Doodle (Juyl 14, 2006)

Bastille Day 2006 Google Doodle was released  on 14th July. In that Bastille Day doodle instead of second ‘o’ in the Google logo there is an Arc de Triomphe. Arc de Triomphe is one of the famous monuments in Paris. It is situated at center of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Elysees.

Google also pictured the fireworks back to the monument in Bastille day Google doodle. Fireworks are the one of the main attraction of Bastille Day celebration. So here the main attraction of Paris city is also used by Google to attract the viewers.

As a commemoration of the ‘Fete de la Federation’ that was held in 1970 , National Day is originated. On the occasion of first anniversary of storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 the federation ‘Fete de la’ was conducted. This celebration was considered as the uprising of modern nation.

The parade by most senior and experienced military members in the presence of the President of the Republic, French officials and foreign guests is the major celebration of Bastille Day. There will be a press meeting followed by the Parade in which the honorable president will meet the press members. In the press meeting the president will discuss about the current development and future enhancements in developing processes in the nation.

After the press meeting ,president will give a garden party at Palais de l’Elyseee. On occasion of Bastille Day a sympathetic approach is shown towards criminals.  The president can pardon the criminals for their crime and it is allowed by the rules and regulations of France’s constitution. . In past many petty crimes are ignored in such way.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe [Image Credit :]
As a way to celebrate the uprising of the short-lived constitutional monarchy in France Fete de la Federation was an official and huge event conducted on the 14 July 1790. So French people celebrate this as Bastille Day or French National Day every year as to commemorate this. Due to the short -lived monarchy the French Revolution was ended.