Bastille Day 2005 Google Doodle

French national day is commonly known by the name Bastille Day. It’s celebrated on 14th of July. French revolution was started with the capturing of Bastille, the prison situated at Paris.

Bastille Day 2005 Google Doodle
Bastille Day 2005(July 13, 2005)

Google always come up with special doodle on his day to make every one remember the significance of the day. Bastille Day 2005 Google Doodle included the national flag background in it. It symbolizes the day is very much important for the nation. Google doodle was designed in a simple outlook which emphasizes the specialty of the day in single look itself. Google letter ‘l’ in the logo is designed with a specialty.

It was in the year 1789 the capturing of Bastille took place in France. This is the most significant incident which put an end to the monarchial rule. At that time when this incident occurred, King Louis 16thwas the emperor. He had an ultimate power on the nation. Every decision where made by him and there was no voice for common man. Total injustice was taking place in the country.

When people realized the fact that they also must have the rights and power to say the opinions in front of the nation they came together to protest against the king.  Capturing the prison Bastille where the people were put in jail for punishment was the method they choose to show their protest.

Bastille Day
Bastille Day Fireworks
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People over there united together to end the sole leadership of the king and the reason behind observing this day was happened. Capturing the Bastille was the first incident when people showed their protest in the nation. From then the French revolution began with full spark and strength and it resulted in the formation of complete independent nation.

Though many protest and opposition programs were held from the year 1789 the monarchial rule came in to end and republican government came in to existence in the year 1792. Liberty, equality and fraternity are the main ideals of the republican government. The government over there always tries to implement these values in each of its laws and decisions.

Bastille Day is celebrated in the nation with great respect and grand programs. It is one of the days when a large parade takes place in the country. It was after the continuous fight of the Benjamin Rapsail the Bastille Day celebration started in the year 1889 that is hundred years after the occurrence of actual incidents. It was after many debates and discussion the official declaration of this day occurred. Since then every year July 14th is an official holiday in ever place of France.

The ideas Liberty, equality and fraternity followed by the republican government has got great position in in molding the people over there to be together and work for the right and good. The idea of equality gave the right for everyone in the nation to raise their voice when they feel some wrong things are happening around. In the year 2005 also similar functions took place all over the country.