Bastille Day 2004 Google Doodle with Eiffel Tower

Bastille Day is celebrated on July 14 and is called so in French speaking countries. Bastille Day is also known as French National Day. It is called as ‘Le quatorze juillet’ in French Language. Google has released a special doodle on this special occasion.

Bastille Day 2004 Google Doodle
Bastille Day 2004 (July 14, 2004)

The origin of this National day was as to commemorate the ‘Fete de la Federation’ that was held in 1970. The federation ‘Fete de la’ was conducted on 14 July 1789 on the occasion of first anniversary of storming of the Bastille. So the name comes as Bastille Day. This celebration was considered as the uprising of modern nation.

This special occasion also commemorates the constitutional monarchy of French before the occurrence of First Republic during the French Revolution. The major attraction on the occasion of Bastille Day is the parade by most senior and experienced military members in the presence of the President of the Republic, French officials and foreign guests.

Eiffel Tower
Bastille Day Fireworks at Eiffel Tower
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The main attraction of theBastille Day 2004 Google Doodle is the Eiffel Tower which is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. The one who visit the Paris didn’t return back without visiting the Eiffel Tower. So the main attraction of Paris city is used here also to make the attention of viewers.

The logo color of Google is changed to the colors of French National Flag from Google’s normal color. In order to represent the celebrative mood the firework displays are also portrayed in the doodle.

The Fete de la Federation was an official and huge event conducted on the 14 July 1790 and the event is conducted as to celebrate the uprising of the short-lived constitutional monarchy in France. So in order to commemorate that Day France celebrate that day as public holiday in the name of French National day or Bastille Day.

Actually the happy ending of the French Resolution was occurred due to the short-lived monarchy. The beginning of these celebrations are from Paris in 1878 June 30. Here in order to honor the French Republic a feast was organized and is again organized in celebrated as a semiofficial manner in 1879. The randomness of this celebration leads to the necessity of a unique day which has to consider as national day.

Then after the approval from the French assembly finally July 14 is declared as French National day. So all nation have a unique day to celebrate and commemorate the traditions and struggles from which the people comes through. So National Day is an occasion to celebrate the nationality by dedicating ourselves for our nation.