Bastille Day 2003 firework Google Doodle

On Bastille Day 2003 Google published a doodle in the homepage of Google. It’s the day which marked the beginning of French revolution in the history of France. July 14th of every year is observed with great importance in France.

 Bastille Day 2003 Google Doodle
Bastille Day 2003(Jul 14, 2003)

Google doodle is presented with the inclusion of national flag colors and fireworks. Inclusion of fireworks in the doodle gave life to it and shows the spark of celebration in France on that day. Simplicity of the doodle is seen in every aspect of its design. There are no crowded decorations in the  Bastille Day 2003 Google Doodle but also it’s attractive. Google succeeded in communicating the nation significance of the day by this doodle.

It was in 1789 this incident which paved the way in throwing out of monarchial rule of King Louis 16th took place. Till that day the only power to take any sorts of decision was in the hands of King Louis 16th. The sole power was the King in France at that period. When people realized this was a total injustice they responded to it to make an end to it and start a new beginning. They captured the Bastille, the prison situated at Paris to show it’s the time to end the absolute power of the king.

Bastille Day Celebration
Thus the first republic formed in France in the year 1792 and the undemocratic rule of monarchy came to an end. The new system was free and independent where common man had voice to speak out their opinion. The main idea of Republic was “Liberty, fraternity and equality”.  These ideas gave the courage for the people in France to join together to fight against the injustice.

Celebration of Bastille Dayhas got great importance. Many major functions and official declarations are held in France on this day. It is the most celebrated occasion by the people of France.

The first time Bastille Day was observed in the year 1889 which was the 100th anniversary of this incident. Benjamin Rapsail was the man who took initiation for the celebration of this day. He fought for declaration of the national holiday on every anniversary of this event. After long discussions he got a positive result and July 14th was officially declared as a national holiday in France.

The celebration gained power in the recent years though there were small celebrations since 1880. Now Bastille Day is observed by including many official ceremonies and function. Bastille parade is one of the most important one among it. This is said to the largest parade in the biggest and the oldest parade in Europe. Republican ideas of Europe “Liberty, fraternity and equality” are hold tightly with each and every functions of Bastille Day.