2001 Bastille Day Google doodle with Liberty, equality and fraternity

2001 Bastille Day Google doodle was specially designed to make people remember about the beginning of French revolution. Bastille Day was celebrated on July 14th .Doodle was published on the Google homepage landed on France on 14th July.

bastille day 2001 google doodle
Bastille Day 2001(July 14, 2001)

Doodle included the real essence of the day that is the wordings “Liberty, equality and fraternity”. It symbolizes the three ideas of Republic. Bastille Day is celebrated with great importance in France. To reflect the celebration of the day Google doodle designer had included the fireworks in variety colors on the top part of the doodle.The inclusion of national flag in the doodle on the top of letter ‘l’ shows that the day has got a great significance in the building up of nation.

It was on 14th July 1789 the incident which is the reason for Bastille Day happened. Bastille was a prison which is the symbol of arbitrary and absolute power of the king Louis 16th.It was situated in Paris. On this day to end the sole leadership of king the prison was captured by people .

Capturing of prison symbolized the end of absolute power and the beginning of new revolution. There day was significant in the history of France. It marked the creation of first Republic in the year of 1792. Before this revolution the country was under the monarchy. It had a complete undemocratic rule. Common man didn’t have any voice at those time. The ultimate power was in the hands of King Louis 16th.

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The celebration of the Bastille Day first took place in the year 1879,100 years after incident. A feast took place to honor the day. It was on 1880 Benjamin Raspail proposed the idea of official idea of celebrating this day.

Every year on the morning of 14th July a military parade will be held on Paris since 1880.This parade is the biggest and oldest parade in Europe. As the entire day is an official national holiday people gather together and celebrate the day which memorizes the liberty and freedom movement.

Google also wished everyone in France the liberty, equality and fraternity that they gained through the revolutionary movement may last forever by gifting this doodle.