Bahrain National Day 2013 Google Doodle

Bahrain National day doodle for celebration on 2013 December 16 was published on Google homepage. Google doodle was designed exclusively for the national day celebration of Bahrain.

Bahrain National Day 2013 Google Doodle
Bahrain National Day 2013 Google Doodle(December 16, 2013)

Bahrain National Day 2013 Google Doodle is designed in the national flag color of Bahrain. As in the flag of the country , right side of the flag is designed in White color and left side is designed with red color on the right. The second alphabet ‘o’ in the Google logo is replaced with the seal including Gazelle,which shows the culture and heritage of Bahrain and  ancient civilization.

It’s on 15 August Bahrain gained independence, but it’s 16th December celebrated as the National Day of Bahrain. As in other countries, Bahrain also celebrate the National Day with fireworks, parade and the day is a official National Holiday over there. Celebration of National Day on 16th December is to coincide the  day of coronation of  Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

Inclusion of the seal replacing alphabet ‘o’ in the doodle points to the ancient trade and civilization known as Dilmun. With the Doodle , Google wished people over Bahrain the happiness of the national day. It’s the 41st National Day, Google celebrated with this doodle on Bahrain’s homepage . Celebration on Bahrain was equally good as all other year in 2013 also.