Automatic object recognition patent granted for Google

Automatic object recognition is a special tool through which a system automatically finds out what an object is without having any description. Today Google granted for automatic object recognition patent.

This technology help to make consistency learning on visual content items, it can be on both images and videos. This automatic identification is done through Google’s featured vector database. Using this database through color shape and movement Google automatically find out the specific content in that video.

The new technology can find out any form of objects. Google focused on the thing that different videos are underlying with some of specific material. So they try to determine these visual materials through automatic object recognition system. It can determine any type of object as its database is riches with 50000 different objects.

By implementing this technology in YouTube it is become results are more specific and can avoid the video label made by the users. The implementation of this feature helps the You Tube users to find out the details of both living and non living objects. So the new patent for Google helps the creators to avoid tagging of objects within the videos. Google also have plan to introduce this system within project Glass.