auto navigation system in curiosity rover gets activated

Until today exploration on Mars by curiosity rovers controlled by NASA engineers. Today Mars mission team of NASA activated the auto navigation system in curiosity rover. The autonomous system helps the curiosity rover to make self decision on how to ride on Mars.

auto navigation system in curiosity roverThe auto navigation system in curiosity rover uses same software technology that used in the NASA’s Mars exploration vehicle opportunity. This autonomous drive system within curiosity rovers helps to traces the remaining geographical areas. NASA focused to get more informations about ancient Mars through tracing of geographical areas that covers environmental changes. They added the autonomous system in curiosity rover with this mission.

Why NASA need auto navigation system in curiosity rover

With using the autonomous system curiosity rover can analyse the images which it captured during the travel. This analysis of  images by curiosity rover helps to determine whether the ahead path is safe or not. NASA scientists reported that it is works more efficiently and securely than human drivers.

“Curiosity takes several set of stereo pair of images and rover’s computer process that informations to map any geo-metric hazard or rough terrain. The rover considers all the paths it could taken to get to the designated end point of drive and chooses the best one” said rover mobility engineeer Mark Maimone.

curiosity's path
path that covered by curiosity rover using autonomous system

NASA can explore the details of hidden geographical area using auto navigation system in curiosity rover. That is, important geographical area on Mars where the forward path had been invisible. The autonomous system also helps curiosity rover to pause during the journey to mount sharp, also to make a deep research on local areas on red planet.

NASA reported that each day curiosity rover covers 10 feet path on Mars. During this journey the curiosity rover send back detailed images of surface of Mars. Curiosity rover completed one completer earth year on Mars, NASA scientists also looking forward to more studies on red planet using this exploration vehicle.