Doodle on Australian Election Day 2007 by Google

After the campaigning of 39 days Australian Election of 2007 took place on November in 2007. On this day Google decorated the Australian homepage with a Australia election Day 2007 Google doodle. To represent the current event it included a picture of square with 1 inside in it.

Australian Election Day 2007 Google Doodle
Australian Election Day 2007 Google Doodle (November 23, 2007)

Since 1980’s we can see a wide range of election campaigning programs in Australia as a part of legislative election. In the year 2007 also same election procedures were held apart from the new mode some inclusions of advanced technologies for the campaigning.

As we can see in all other countries there are certain rules and regulations for Australian election also. All parties should follow the rules strictly in all matters regarding the election. It was in 1902 Common Wealth Electoral Act was formed regarding election in Australia.

From the timing of beginning the election till now many changes and reforms were made in the method of election which is taken place in Australia. In the year election was held for 150 seats for House of Representatives and 40 for senate members.

Election is a common procedure that takes place everywhere to find out the representatives. If it’s held for finding the representatives for a country it’s the duty of every major citizen to be the part of it. Australian have got a clear view of their duties towards their nation and it was clearly reflected in the election process of 2007. More than 13.6 million Australian took part in election that took place to elect the leaders of Australia.

Australian Election Day 2007 Google Doodle was a call for all Australians to come forward for the election and do their duty. In almost all countries Google publishes special doodles on the election on their respective election days. The doodle we can see on the day in Australia is not like other doodles which includes pictures, cartoons and so on. It only included a small change in Google second letter ‘o’. So we can also respect Google for their respect for nation and democracy.