Australia Day 2011 celebrated with colorful doodle

January 26th is a big day for Australians. It is the national holiday of Australia celebrated as Australia Day. The day is celebrated with great specialties all around the country. Google too celebrated the Australia Day 2011 with all its importance. Google released a special  Australia Day 2011 doodle.

Australia Day 2011 Doodle
Australia Day 2011(January 26, 2011)


The doodle appeared on the Google home page on Australia Day 2011 was very beautiful with a wide range of colors. The presentation style adopted by the designer to write the word “Google” in the logo is outstanding. Each alphabet of the logo is represented using things which are common in beaches of Australia.

Inclusion of beach balls, Popsicle, slippers, sunglass and ice cream makes Google Doodle attractive. Replacement of the letter’s with beach ball, slippers, ice cream, sunglass and the color contrast given for the letters goes hand in hand. The doodle is simple, beautiful and attractive.

The day which is known by Australia day now was known as ANA day, Anniversary day, foundation day previously. The main specialty of the day is the announcement of the “Australian of the year award”. Simon McKeon was the one who achieved this award in the year 2011.He was a banker. He showed through his works that business and philanthropy can go hand in hand. Likewise every year a new eminent personality will arise to be the winner and a role model for everyone. Another main event of the day is the Order of Australian honors.

Australian Government have many programs for Australia day celebration.The day memorizes the arrival of first fleet at Sidney in 1788.

Initially there were many objections about the Australia Day celebrations. But now the entire Australian citizen’s celebrates the day united. Many musical festivals and national day activities are  held on that day.   The day is celebrated all around the country in a grand way. Picnics, parties, concerts, citizenship ceremonies, community festivals are arranged all around.