Australia Day 2009 Google Doodle imaging Acacia Pycnantha

Google published Australia Day 2009 Google Doodle on its home page on January 26th. It is common that Google publish special doodles on this special day of Australians. People of Australia give great importance for this day of the year and celebrate it with wide range of programs.

Australia Day 2009 Google Doodle
Australia Day 2009 Google Doodle (January 26, 2009)

In the Google doodle of Australia day 2009 we can see the picture of Acacia Pycnantha, the floral emblem of Australia. It’s commonly known as Golden Wattle all over the world. The inclusion of this beautiful flower in the doodle made it beautiful and elegant. Golden Wattle became the national flower of Australia from 1988.

Google presented the doodle in its home page was really beautifully with its simplicity. Replacement of letter ‘l’ with the Golden Wattle enhanced the style and attraction of the doodle. As the logo characters are presented in a blue background the Golden color flower is projected well in the doodle.

This fluffy golden flower that we can see in the Google doodle has got many uses. It is widely cultivated in Australia and great yields are got from this cultivation every year. Golden Wattle is famous all over for its beautiful fragrance. So it’s mainly used in the production of perfumes and other thing in the industry.

Australia Day FireWorks
Australia Day FireWorks[Image Credit]
Australia has got great importance in the entire world. It’s a country with beautiful natural landscapes, culture and tradition. Beaches of Australia are famous all around the world. A large number of tourist goes to Australia every year to enjoy their holidays.

There will flag hoisting programs, group gatherings, special competitions, sweet distribution to enjoy the happiness of the day every year on January 26th. In all the important places of Australia there will special celebrations. We can see fireworks and beautiful decorations with national flag all around the country.

Botanical gardens, Sydney Bridge, Coober pedy, Kangaroo Island, Castle Hill and Sydney Opera house are some among the large places that everyone wishes to go at least once in the life time that is situated in Australia.

In the year 2009 Google presented this beautiful doodle on the Australia Day for making the celebrations of Australian colorful and beautiful.