Google Australia Day 2006 doodle with Kangaroo’s holding national flag

Australia Day is celebrated as national day of Australia annually on January 26. Google released Australia Day 2006 doodle on this day. It’s also known as Foundation Day, Anniversary Day, Invasion Day, Survival day and Day of Mourning.

Australia Day 2006 doodle
Australia Day 2006 (January 25, 2006)

Google also participating in the celebration by releasing a doodle called Australia Day 2006. In Australia Day 2006 doodle there is 2 kangaroos holding the Australian Flag. Kangaroo is the National animal of Australian nation and flag is the national pride of nation. So it is apt to give 2 national symbols in the Google doodle.

Australia Day is celebrated as to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in New South Wales in 1788. Until a century later it was doesn’t known as Australia Day. It is recognized as a National Day celebration after the formation of New South Wales which was held in 1818.

In Australia Day 2006 celebration, the award for Australian of the Year was presented and the list of Australia Day Honours was announced as in all years. It’s in that occasion Governor-General and Prime Minister address the nation. So there after it is known as National Day of Australia.

Australian National day is celebrated as public holiday for every state and territory of Australia when it falls on a date other than weekend. When it falls on weekend the next Monday will be a public holiday.

The biggest civic annual event in Australia is celebrated with concerts, citizenship ceremonies and community festivals. Small cities to large communities in Australia celebrate this day with great pride.

Australian National Flag
Australian National Flag [Image Credit :]
 A unified public holiday is celebrated for the first time in 1994 with the participation of all States and Territories. People celebrate this day with family gatherings, parades and picnics.

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