Australia Day 2003 Google Doodle with Koala

Australia Day is a very special day for Australians. It’s their national day. It was on 25th January they observed it in the year 2003. People all over in Australia celebrate it in a grand way. Official celebrations are organized by the government and other officials to make the day special.

Australia Day 2003 Google Doodle
Australia Day 2003(January 25, 2003)

On 2003 Google published a different doodle in its homepage landed on Australia. Australia Day 2003 Google Doodle was specially designed to announce the national day greetings to the entire nation. In the doodle Australian flag is included on the letter ‘l’. Inclusion of national flag made the doodle official.

To add color to Google doodle Koala was also put in to the doodle. Koala is a special animal which is seen on the southern Australia. Koala is seen mainly on the coastal regions of Australia. The Koala bears on the Google letter ‘G’ made the doodle attractive at the same time it gave a funny look to the doodle.

Australia Day was previously known with different names. Anniversary Day and Foundation Day are the names in which Australia Day were previously known. Australia Day is a public holiday in all states of Australia. Every Australians celebrate the day with great respect and honor to the nation. Australia Day is celebrated to memorize the first fleet in 1788 at Sydney Cove.

Australia Day
Australia Day
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Australia Day was first celebrated in the year 1808. Australia is country with great economic and cultural importance. The beaches and greenery of Australia is world famous.  Australia is a country with lot of tourist places. Sydney, Perth, Tasmania, Fraser Island, Uluru are some among the most important tourist places in Australia.

Picnics, parties, citizenship ceremonies, community festivals are arranged all around on this day on Australia. In the entire tourist places attracting fireworks are arranged on this day for celebrations. More than 50,000 people watch the fire shows every year at Perth.

One of the main programs included in the Australia Day celebrations is the announcement of the Australian of the year award. Every Year Australians announce this award by considering the activities of the person’s caliber and efforts in their respective areas of services.

Australia Day is the largest official day celebration in Australia. Every Australians celebrate the day united with fun and enjoyment. Respect and love towards their nation are reflected in every function on this day. Google also took part in the celebration with the release of the doodle. In the Google doodle released in the homepage on this day, the real patriotic love is reflected.