Armistice Day 2001Google Doodle

Armistice Day is celebrated on 11th November in New Zealand, France, Belgium and Serbia.It is also known as Remembrance Day. Armistice Day is celebrated to commemorate the armistice signed between the allies of 1st world war and Germany. The armistice was signed at France in the year 1918.

Armistice Day 2001Google Doodle
Armistice Day 2001 (November 11, 2001)

Armistice Day 2001 Google Doodle on 11th November 2001 in France was specially designed to memorize this day’s specialty. It included the national flag picture attached to the Google letter ‘l’. Doodle is designed in a simple way. Armistice Day has got a great significance in the history of this country.

Armistice was signed to end the war and to end the hostilities. Cessation of hostilities on western front of world was a succeeded after the signing of armistice. Day and time in which the signing of armistice took place also had some specialty. It was on the 11thNovember at 11 o’clock the incident took place. Though signing of armistice ended the hostilities in western front, it was not the condition on other regions. Hostilities continued in an aggressive way in the regions of Russia and in parts under Ottoman Empire.

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Allied nations declared the Armistice Day as a national holiday. They celebrations included the commemorations and salute to those who lost their life during the war.

On this day, that is on 11th November two minutes of silence was observed in those nations. This is the gesture of respect two those comrades. The 1st minute of silence is to respect those who died and the second minute silence to show the respect two their families. The idea behind the observance of this gesture of respect is by Edward George Honey. This period of silence at the time eleven when the armistice signed on 1918 is known usually by ‘moment of silence’ is really the sign sincere respect to those comrades.

Italy which was one among the allied nation took a different date from 11th November to mark the end of war. It was on 4th November Italy marked the end of war. There was a change in the name for Armistice Day in some countries after the Second World War. United States changed the name to Veterans Day. Commonwealth nations changed the name to Remembrance Day. France and Belgium continued to observe this day as the national holiday with the same name.

Most of the people will be in their families in this day as it’s an official public holiday. They gather for family visits, dinner and lunch on this day. Google also honored those comrades by releasing this doodle on this day.