Google celebrates Argentina Mother Day 2014 with Doodle

Today’s Google homepage in Argentina is dedicated to all loving mothers. Yes, Mother’s Day is the theme of Google Doodle landed on homepage of Argentina.

Argentina Mother's Day 2014 Google Doodle
Argentina Mother’s Day 2014 Google Doodle(October 19, 2014)

Argentina celebrates Mother’s Day on third Sunday of October, this year the celebration date is 19th October. In the doodle for Mother’s Day celebration in Argentina, sketch of a mother reading story for her two children is includes. To add color to doodle, designer includes kids toys in background, also you can see Google logo designed on top portion with toys.

Google Doodle will be present for 24 hours on Argentina homepage. Clicking doodle, search page for ‘Día de la Madre’ which means Mother’s Day will be listed. You can see all details regarding Argentina’s Mother’s Day and Mother Day celebration in the search page.

Argentina is the only country that celebrates Mother’s Day on 3rd Sunday of October. Before Second Vatican Council, Mother Day celebration was on 11th October. Celebration on 11th October relates to Virgin Mary Festivity celebrated on 11th, but after the Second Vatican Council date for celebrating Virgin Mary Festivity was changed to January 1st. New Day for celebration was chosen as 3rd Sunday of October later.

Similar Google Doodles was published earlier on various countries this year for their respective Mother’s Day celebrations. Programs in Argentina for celebrating the day includes greeting every mom on early morning, taking them to their favorite place, giving gifts, flowers, cards and sweets. Though the date for celebration of Mother’s Day vary from country to country,ultimately the celebration focus on making Mother’s Happy through out the day, thanking them for all they have given. Its a very special day for all Mother’s.

Google always come up with their logo change, known Google Doodle for celebrating special occasions. In previous years also Google came up with their doodles on the day. So, Happy Mother’s Day Argentina.