Architect Christopher Wren gets a Google Doodle on 382nd Birthday

Christopher Wren, famous for rebuilding churches in London celebrates 382nd Birthday with a doodle on Google UK homepage. The architect from England was born on 1632, October 20th.

Christopher Wren Birthday Google Doodle
Christopher Wren Birthday Google Doodle(October 20, 2014)

Clicking on the play button in Wren’s Birthday Doodle, the rise of St Paul’s cathedral is shown with animation. Doodle takes you to the search page for Christopher Wren, clicking on it.

Christopher Wren got his primary education from Westminster School and later graduating from Wadham College, Oxford, appointed as Professor of Astronomy at the age of 25 in Gresham College in London.

Sir Christopher Wren began his Architectural career during 1660’s. It was the design in Cambridge, the chapel of Pembroke College, Wren’s first Architectural design he initiated with recommendation of his Uncle.

Theme for today’s Google Doodle, Wren designed St Paul Cathedral is one of the best, most known and highlighted work of Wren entire life. Since 1661, Wren involved in repair work of St Paul’s Cathedral unofficialy, in 1666 Wren designed Dome for the church. It was one week after this; Great Fire of London ruined the entire church. Rebuilding of the church began in 1672 and was declared completed in 1711.

Wren’s Doodle also features the Google logo alphabets in both sides of St Paul’s Cathedral. Apart from St Paul’s cathedral church, Wren was involved in about 52 church reconstructions in London itself. There are also many monuments and great structured architectural work by Wren built throughout England.

Christopher Wren died on 1723 February 25, at the age of 90. Many Architects have been inspired by Wren’s way of design and took his works as a model. Christopher Wren had interest in fields including agriculture, light and refraction, mathematics and also in many others.

Google Doodle on his 382nd Birthday is an honors him. Doodle will be visible on Google UK homepage for 24 hours.