April fool pranks from Google 2014

April fool jokes from Google is not a new thing. But frankly it is too difficult to keep track of what the search giant actually thinks. For this year also Google announced number of April fool pranks, presented in very convincing way.

April fool pranks from Google 2014

1.Pokemon Challenge in Google Maps Application

Through Google Maps application for iOS and Android users can join with new pokemon challenge from Google. After you hit on new ‘pres to start’ option from search bar you can find wild pokemon,collect it. In the same way you need to collect all the wild pokemon from various places by navigating through Google Maps.


The challenge will end on 2d April, have to collect all wild pokemon before the deadline. Each discovery will get credited to pokedex. The final winner will regarded as pokemaster, will also get job at Google.

2.Gmail Shelfie

You can add your own selfie as custom theme of your Gmail account. So that you can make all conversation by seeing your beautiful face. But the features of Gmail shelfie not at all end here, It is a SHarable sELFIE.


Google let you to add selfie of your family members and friends through few clicks. They can also set your selfie as their Gmail theme.

3.The magic hand : Google’s new input method

The magic hand inputting tool is developed  by Google’s Japanese inout team, to bring handfree to new level.  The magic hand can make input more accurate and convenient.

Magic hand

Magic hand will flick the screen for you so that the screen won’t becomes dirty, never feel pain for the fingers. Once you place tablet or smartphone in front of magic hand it will automatically sense the position of keyboard of device. Using joystick and push button you can easily type complex languages such as Japanese.

Top image credit : Talkandroid