Apple’s fortune already doomed without Steve Jobs – Larry Ellison

Of course Steve Jobs is one of the ever best CEO we have found, or we can say that he is the best. The sudden death of Steve Jobs put a right question within your mind, what is the future of Apple without him? Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle give answer for it – Apple’s fortune already doomed without Steve Jobs.

Apple's fortuneLarry Ellison is one of the close friends of Steve Jobs. He discussed about Apple’s fortune in an interview with CBS News. Ellison hardly believed that Apple’s fortune never turns to be a bright one without his friend. He said we have already seen that fact.

“Well, we already know. We conducted the experiment and it has been done. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs, we saw Apple without Steve Jobs, We saw Apple with Steve Jobs and now we are going to see Apple without Steve Jobs” Larry Ellison said

Upon the time he makes the statement Apple with Steve Jobs he pointed his finger to sky with a right meaning. He finger also down came when he say Apple without Steve Jobs. Confused, What Larry Ellison really meant by this gesture?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have started the Company Apple in the year 1976. Within a short time everyone encountered with a sudden growth of Apple. The co-founder Steve Wozniak himself believed that it’s all came from Steve Job’s brilliance and because of his futuristic vision.Larry Ellison on Apple's fortune

Larry Ellision pointed out this growth at first by pointed the finger to up. Apple went public in the year 1981 and the Company recruited John Sculley as new executive director of the Company. But the relationship between Steve Jobs and John Sculley separated in short time because of Macintosh sales issues. Unfortunately Steve Jobs got fired from the Company in the year 1985.

Without the brilliance of Steve Jobs Apple doomed within few years. By this time Steve Jobs developed NeXT computers and Pixar. Apple called back Steve Jobs in the year 1996. Thereafter Apple’s fortune turns to the best. Steve Jobs developed many innovative products like iPod, iPhone and iPad during that time. That is what is actually meant by Ellison by pointed out the finger again to sky.

The greatest CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away because of pancreas cancer on October 5, 2011. After that Apple lost their value and market shares get went down. Ellison pointed out this fact and he believed Apple’s fortune will be a dark one.

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