Apple-Samsung war through advertisement

Patent war of Apple and its legal win over Korean multinational company spread like a wildfire. $1billion not much matter for Samsung as it had 24billion USD revenue. This rises the fight between the companies, Now Apple-Samsung war through advertisement flash everywhere in internet.Apple-Samsung war through advertisement

Samsung Inc well known that they should focused on Apple’s most anticipated iPhone 5 rather than make patent case on small features. The tech world think that something was coming from Samsung before iPhone event held on September 12. But Samsung did it after the official launch with a new ad that show up iPhone 5 is not the dominant one and it had copied some feature from Galaxy SIII.

Samsung made a detailed comparison on these both smartphones Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 and suggest that iPhone 5 is not good as SIII. They post this report on all modern news paper in the nation on 17th September. Samsung have one and only aim to show up the world that how their Galaxy SIII is smarter than Apple iPhone 5.

Samsung said their Galaxy SIII had most of all features that on sixth generation iPhone. Also features like NFC S-beam Shake to update and Pal swipe capture can only see in Galaxy SIII. It is the most successful smartphone in mobile market yet. Main problem for Samsung is that most of people uniquely looking up for Apple because they love that brand so much and get addicted to their service.