Apple retains its former position in US market

According to the latest reviews iPhone 5 popularity in US was not effected though Apple had a big loss in shares this month. Survey reports says that iPhone 5 have taken over the Samsung Galaxy SIII in web traffic analysis.

Though there are many good unique features for iPhone 5 there were no much worldwide acceptance for the iPhone 5 as the previous Apple iOS phones. It was Samsung Android smart phones took the advantage of this. Samsung came up with a large series of smartphone with in no time to the market and took dominance over Apple iPhones.

From the time when Apple came up with iPhone to mobile market it was welcomed by open hands by the people of USA. iPhone 4S was the best sold smartphone introduced by Apple in US market. US was the main place in the world were more than a half percentage of iPhone is taking place.

This open acceptance of Apple iPhones by people in US is the main reason for the decline in the rate of web traffic from Samsung’s Android phones. According to a survey conducted by Chitika it shows that Apple iPhone traffic takes 51% of entire web traffic in North America while others totally constitute only rest 49%. It shows that iPhone dominance have not yet declined in USA. But the report is only meant for America. If you are looking to a global map we can see that Google Android phones are more popular among all other places.

It was Samsung Galaxy SIII which made Samsung accepted by large crowd all over the world. Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 were the best phones that was introduced to market last year with great expectations. Samsung Galaxy SIII succeeded in making the fans happy but iPhone 5 give out little of disappointment. There were no much extended features in iPhone 5 which make it stand out from the older versions iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Latest surveys says that today the latest smartphones that comes to market is activated in Android platform not in iOS. That means out of five smartphones sold in market four are Android activated phones. Open Source nature of Android is the main reason for Android phones all over the world rather than Apple iOs iPhones.

It was Samsung Galaxy SIII which was put forward by the company to compete with Apple iPhone 5. We can see that Samsung succeeded partially in taking over the iPhone popularity all over except USA. The success of Apple phones in USA was started from the time of Steve Jobs well planning and predetermined management skills to give out what people want. iPhone 5 was the Apple device which came in to market after Steve Jobs death.

While comparing Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII we will get much difference. But one phone that is Samsung Galaxy SIII is accepted by people all over the world while Apple stick on to particular set of customers.

We have wait till March 15th to know the actual strength of Samsung. On Samsung event that is going to take place on March 15th they will launch their latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIV which is in the news headline from months.