Apple patent for no Look technology is granted

US patent and trade mark office granted the approval for Apple patent for no look technology which was filed in 2009,  for controlling play back by touch interface that registers touch gestures when the screen is blank.

Apple patent for No Look technologySo now Apple products will be more comfortable to use in your busy schedule. The patent includes the method to control the playback option in Apple devices if there is nothing display on the screen.

Apple patent for no Look technology

Just imagine that you are doing your daily jogging or in gym for exercise, hearing music always gives a pleasant feel to our mind but looking on playlist and screen continuously for controlling player between this works is stressful. This ‘No Look’ technology from Apple will make this task easy. Your touch gestures will be recognized by the device and will play accordingly to that.

There are many advantages for this interesting feature. You can save battery life of your portable device to a large extend and also there is an advantage of size reduction. The portable device can avoid usage of unwanted external buttons on it if the touch gestures can be recognized when there is nothing displayed on screen. Users feel more comfortable if the touch gestures are used because it takes less concentration than using buttons for task.

So now the music player can be controlled without activating the screen. Single tap on the screen indicates play/pause, double tap on screen points to the next item in the list, triple tap will play the previous item, double tap and hold means fast forward and triple tap and hold indicates rewind.

This Apple system is capable of associating combination of touch gestures to perform actions. The system will be very much useful for iPod users and other portable device users of Apple. Apple products have always been appreciated for their unique efficient design. This new Apple system can make the product design better as the unwanted external buttons can be avoided if the product recognize touch gestures.  We can expect more elegant and better outlook for the next Apple products.

Just imagine that if volume can be increased using a clockwise circle on the screen which is blank without any graphical user interface and volume can be reduced on a counter clock wise circle on the screen what is the need of external buttons for volume control. Now the patent got approval so we can expect this ‘No Look’ technology in next Apple products.

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