Apple may launch Intel powered wrist watches in 2014

From Apple’s time graph you can see the products categories lies in Smartphone, desktop and laptop computers, music industry, tablet, TV…Etc. So what is next from Apple, Smartwatch right. As by reports Apple may launch Intel powered wrist watches in 2014.  Apple may launch Intel powered wrist watches in 2014

According to the reports Apple partnered with Intel for the development of innovative wrist watch. The Apple watch has a 1.5 inch OLED screen with RoT display. It is a Bluetooth enables iWatch from Apple, helps to transfer the information between the iDevices. The idea is putforward by the Apple engineer Eric Migicovsky. Apple Inc. raised $10 million for the development of this innovative Smart watch. Once you connect the iWatch to your other iDevices you will get live alerts from them. When it is connected with your I phone you can track your phone and spot it easily. Also the pairing will helps you to get alert on each calls messages and mails.

Actually Apple iWatch becomes a perfect partner for other iDevices, can get alerts, manage calls and messages, access few application through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Tat is iWatch is develop for to make full usage of your iDevies without having close interaction with them.

The 6th generation I pod Nano done double duty as watches which bumped in high size with 2012 release

Of course the previous version of iPod Nano can much more than that of future iWatch. The main functionality of iPod Nano is to play music. Other than that it can display time so that iPod Nano can replace the watch. It is also featured with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so that pairing with other iDevices is also possible. The previous version of iPod Nano also provide FaceTime for its users. But the 2012 release of iPod Nano turns to a size of 3.01 inches heights and 1.56 inches width so it can’t be a wearable device. This is the main reason for why Apple looking up for next line of iDevices.

Specifications of 7th generation iPod Nano

  • 3.01 inches height & 1.56 inches width.
  • Bluetooth 40.
  • 2.5 inch wide screen multi touch display.
  • Lightning connector.
  • Podcasts.
  • Radio.
  • iTunes.
  • Available in 16GB format.
  • Price tag of $149.