Apple iWatch release scheduled for March 2014

The Google glass announcement itself prove that the future of tech world rely on wearable computing devices, smart watches are belong to this category. The reports says Apple iWatch release scheduled for March 2014.

Apple iWatch release Apple iWatch release

The iWatch concept is put forward by the Apple engineer Eric Migicovsky. The Company raised a fund of $10 million for the development of this device. The upcoming iWatch has 1.5 inch OLED screen with RoT display. It promises affordable clarity and brightness within the small device.

It is a Bluetooth enabled Smart watch. So that it can be easily connect with other iDevices. This technology helps to share the datas between the iDevices. Also the iWatch gives out live alerts when the mails and messages are gets with other iDevices. Another major advantage is that iWatch helps to track out your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Apple iPod Nano had done same as duty of Smart watch. But the main reason for planning of new iWatch is that the 2012 model bumped in size. Apple iWatch have ability to receive calls, mails and messages. It can perform some of applications within the small display. It will update with intelligent voice assistant Siri. Other than controlling the device via voice commands it helps to gets the informations quickly.

The iWatch will powered by Intel processor so that users can experience a lag less and effortless performance. With Intel the small Apple device becomes a lightning fast one. The device will runs on iOS operating system. The hardware cum software coupling of Apple makes the device remarkable. It will officially introduce in month of March in next year.