Tim Cook can’t be Steve Jobs – Apple is on struggling stage

The introduction of latest iDevices are done by under the guidance of Tim Cook on 12th September, 2012. At the primary stage itself Tim Cook apologies to the Customers for flap Apple Maps. Now the Apple’s shares are falls down constantly. The fact is Tim Cook can’t be Steve Jobs – Apple is on struggling stage.

Apple is on struggling stageThe former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs died on 5th October 2011, biggest loss of Apple we had ever seen. The current CEO Tim Cook promoted to the post in August 2011. The error prone map application made a big disappointment in Apple lovers. More than that now the company’s shares falls down by 12%. It is about $450 crores. Why it becomes so shocking is that Apple is a company which made ten billions of dollars in revenues in a year. Now Apple is almost in a struggling stage in Smartphone world.

Apple iPhone 5 is the most awaited product of all time. Apple itself quoted as ‘The biggest thing happened to iPhone since iPhone’. After the official introduction of iPhone 5 Apple got 2 million preorders in just 24 hours. But unfortunately Apple can’t maintain this hype. At the primary stage itself the Samsung Galaxy SIII take over the leading position in US market. Normally Apple’s shipment falls down. In the first quarter of 2013 they encountered with an improvement by 2%, again the market of iPhone falls down.

Tim Cook never cares about manipulation of stock price to a creative buying method. The reports say that Apple’s shares are in 30% off stage from earlier stage onwards. Apple also cut off the iPhone orders to customers. Upon this move what Tim Cook said is the order changes is due to the anticipation of slower sales.

Apple iPhone series is not all a cheaper cellphone. But makes them most trusted one is its advanced specifications. Steve Jobs had a futuristic vision on what customers wished for each time. So that each iPhone series came up to the expectation of customers. Tim Cook failed to know that what customers exactly wanted. He also forget to analyze the current market trend that made by Samsung electronics. It is the exact reason for Apple’s market decline.

What is going to be happens in coming months is the other manufactures will rise up well. Also it is a big opportunity to manufactures like Nokia to shine at the mobile market. Recently we had heard about Samsung is coming up with flexible screen and home gown processor eight-core Exynos 5 Octa. If they exploit this situation in a right way then Apple can’t holds back the earlier position very soon. There is also a rival remains between these two Companies on patent case.

Apple also have choices to return back to the former stage. If the cheaper iPhone comes true it becomes a better move by Apple. In such a way the Company can holds maximum shares. It is also heard that Apple thinking of to develop a phablet – The iPhone Math. It is also not confirmed by the Company. Apple should be focused on the services they are providing. They must offer the best services that never seen in the mobile world. Also they have to be focused in application development. They can’t recall Steve Jobs from heaven Tim Cook must fill that gap with futuristic ideas.