Apple iPhone ruled over in US market while Android popular worldwide

In each business quarter the sales of Smartphones shows varies in graph. At the end of 2012 Apple iPhone ruled over in US market while Android popular worldwide.

Apple iPhone ruled over in US market while Android popular worldwideThe fourth quarter 2012 results from the markets iPhone have a total share of 51.2% in US. For Google’s android powered Smartphones it is 44%. There is only 2.7% share for Microsoft’s Windows phone. This shows the Apple dominance in US market. According to the reports the first quarter of 2013 Apple gets strong iPhone sales. In the global sales of Smartphones Android holds the primary position.

In the European countries including China and Australia android have maximum shares. The Windows phone also has affordable sales in Europe. In the android phones Samsung mobiles have maximum shares. In the third quarter of 2012 Samsung Galaxy SIII stands above than that off iPhone sales in US, Still it is the most selling Smartphone in the market.

In the mobile operating system market graph android dominates with more than 75% shares. The analysts said that the three out of four Smartphones reaches at the market running on android operating system. Also the shipment of all android cellphone manufactures increases in each quarter. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the most popular version of operating system. More than 65% shares gone for Gingerbread version.

The main reason for why the older version dominates is that the cellphone manufactures provides maximum number of handsets running on this version. Also people don’t like to upgrade it for newer one. It is because sometime the upgradation will slow down the phone. The latest version Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version shows constant increase in the graph. From 2012 onwards most of all Smartphones running on Ice cream sandwich and Jelly Bean version of android. Both versions are smoother and faster than Gingerbread.

The first ever feature of android is that open source nature. It promises to do things which can’t be with other mobile operating systems. The popular OS is from search giant Google. All popular Google services are right inbuilt within the android. The resizable widgets are most focused feature of android. These widgets can be accessed right from the home screen. We can easily tap on the application we are looking for. The integration with Google Play allows the users to get more than 750000 applications. It also includes third party applications. Android supports easy customization for the users. They can make the phone in their own way.