Apple iPhone 5S release date set for 20th June

Apple iPhone series is the something that redefines the Smartphone concept completely. It is because each iPhone release became in super hyped stage. Now there is new updates on next generation iPhone comes out. It is partially confirmed that Apple iPhone 5S  release date set for 20th June.

Apple iPhone 5S release dateThe news about the announcement of next generation iPhone gets from the French publication They gets a leaked document of iPhone 5S from Japanese carrier KDDI. The document says that next generation iPhone will launch on 20th June. Also the sales of iPhone 5S starts in July according to it.

Apple iPhone 5S release date

If the document turns to be true then we can see newer iPhone in the middle of 2013. It also reveals some more things. The name of the next generation iPhone specified in the document is iPhone 5S. As next generation is the upgrade version of iPhone 5 the name is almost be the same.

The document also mention about the iOS7 operating system on which iPhone 5S will runs. So we can hope for home grown map application for iPhone 5S.It is something challenging thing for Tim Cook as recent Apple Map was a flap one. Also it is thinks to be inbuilt with updated Siri and other innovative applications.Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5S will boast with 13 megapixel iSight camera. On the front phase it will have a Facetime-HD camera. Nothing else is told in the leaked document. Apple already announced the WWDC 2013 for June 10 to 14. The official announcement of iOS7 will done in that occasion. So we can believe for this news for some extend as it is comes after official iOS7 announcement.

This year we had seen the releases of Samsung Galaxy SIV, HTC One, Blackberry Z10 and Sony Xperia Z. All these Smartphones are featured with innovative specifications. It turns a big competitive zone in Smartphone world. So it is thinks to be Apple will provide ideal features in their next generation iPhone.