Apple iPhone 5S coming shortly: What to expect?

Apple not at all make a successful market through iPhone 5. Both the company and Apple fans looking up for next iPhone, one with better features and better performance than iPhone 5.  As by reports Apple make the release of new iPhone soon. Take a look on Apple iPhone 5S coming shortly: What to expect?

Apple iPhone 5S coming shortly: What to expect?The next generation iPhone 5S will introduce in the month of September, same as that of iPhone 5, will be an upgraded version of iPhone 5. Apple won’t make any change with the screen size, will remains 4 inch for iPhone 5S, will feature with retina display that follows the series. The more pixel density in the phone promises much brighter and sharper display from that of previous series.

The iPhone 5S will powered by A7 processor, promises a smoother and faster performance. It also offers next generation graphics experience to the users. So that high level applications and games are works efficiently.

The powerful ecosystem of iOS operating system is one of the keen specifications behind the success of Apple iPhone series. Apple thinks to release the iOS7 along with the release of iPhone 5S. The phone will also runs on the same OS version. Like Apple’s hardware software coupling the Company wish too makes all services within their ecosystem. So the new OS version will inbuilt with the home grown map application.Apple iOS - World's most advanced operating system

It is thinks that it will be a complete map application that vanishes the negative impact that made by iOS6 application. The iOS7 also have an updation of improved Siri application. Now user can purchase the movie tickets through the application, is powered by Fandango. Siri makes a full control over the handset through your voice commands, newer OS version also has secured iCloud service.

It is also rumored that the iPhone 5S will feature with finger print login. This is meant to provide the maximum possible security to the users. The Apple executives thinks that the biometric security system is perfect than any other one, can be used for unlocking the phone as well as to purchase applications from app store.

Upon the camera specifications it will have same 8 megapixel iSight camera with more pixel size, will support panoramic image capturing and full-HD video recording. It also have improved video stabilization and geo tagging. The front phase of the phone will have 2 megapixel face time HD camera, Apple also provides face time detection. The lightning connector adapter and EarPods will remains same for iPhone 5S. It will powered by Lithium- Ion battery.