Apple iPad Market share falls down to 50%

Earlier it is reported that Apple iPhone sales falls down by 12%. It is about $450 crore in cash. In that way Apple lost its most trusted tech Company certification. Now the dominant Apple iPad Market share falls down to 50%.

According to sales report from December Apple sold more than 23 million iPads, includes 4th generation iPad and iPad Mini. It counts 48% of total tablet market. But within few weeks it falls down to 43.6%. Like in Smartphone world Android is becomes the main opponent to iPad sales.

Till 2012 Apple iPad holds the most profitable tablet series. From 2011 to 2012 this series shows a sharp increase by 12% in market shares. Within two and half year Apple iPad series also hit 1billion sales record. From the last quarter of 2012 onwards Apple faces a declination in iPad market graph. The shipment of new series of iPad also cut down by the Company itself.

No other tablet series becomes this much popular in a short time. The first ever iPad was released in the year of 2010. The effective features and hardware cum software coupling of Apple provides new tablet experience to the users. Up to 2012 the major shares of tablet market is holds by Apple. But the iPad series which released in previous September can’t make over that marketing power.

The year by year report shows that Samsung Electronics hold a market growth by 260%. In each quarter the tablet shipment of the Company gone through a sharper growth in graph. The Amazon and Asus also make good profit from the tablet filed. Apple’s market fall doesn’t because of product features it is mainly because of marketing. It is fact that Tim Cook can’t be Steve Jobs. Tim Cook fails to understand that what the customers really wants.

He must have a keen focus on current Android growth and put forward affordable projects to make over it. Apple have a huge number of brand addicts those who are always willing to purchase Apple products only. This product addiction made from Steve Jobs futuristic vision. He had a great marketing power and vision to make every season to a successful one. With a huge number of fans we can also believe than Apple will retains its marketing power within short time.