Apple iOS 6 release scheduled for September 19

Apple officially announced iOS 6 operating system on 12th September, features more than 200 improvements. As by reports Apple iOS 6 release set for 19th of September.Apple iOS 6 release scheduled for September 19

New generation OS of Apple make its entry by more than 200 improvements. The advanced map application from iOS6 makes detailed pictuarization of whole world. You can direct to any place you want the application show up each corners of the place with detailed information. You will also get turn by turn direction to your destination and real time traffic updates. Siri application also helps you by voice direction to your journey. All these are gives out in high quality visualization.

The artificial intelligent service  siri get far improvement in iOS6. It is available in more countries and in more languages. Siri can gives out you instant answers to all your questions from any section even from sports movies restaurants…etc. Siri in iOS6 can be used for opening applications. So our works can be done in easier way. It can be also used for making face book and twitter post.

The photo application in iOS6 allows the user to share the favorite photo with favorite friends. This photo streaming can be easily done through cloud service in iOS6. You just have to select the photo and people you like and tap up for share button. Cloud applications deliver those photos at very next moment.

The most attractive one is the virtual wallet passbook application, all your tickets passes card are coming under one roof. You can check out movie or flight tickets from your I phone, also the verification of various coupons.

iOS6 also concern about the calling functionality. You will certainly faced the situation of you can’t attend the call because of many reasons. The new calling feature in iOS6 allows you to send back instant message at the time of decline the call or you can set a reminder of call back.

The upgraded Apple OS also offer better mail experience. You can set up a VIP section in your mail so that all important messages are getting separated from crowded mails. Separate folders get created for this feature.

Apple iOS 6 compatible devices

  • Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS.
  • Third generation iPad and iPad 2.
  • Fourth generation iPod touch.