Apple iOS 6.1.2 release set for February last week

There are many reports are came out about the passcode vulnerability within iOS 6.1.1 release. So Apple iOS 6.1.2 release will outs very soon to fix this bug.

Apple iOS 6.1.2 release

Apple iOS 6.1.2 release

Apple iOS 6.1.1 which was released for the iPhone users by Apple during last week didn’t get much fame due to the inefficient security measures for the pass code and for lower battery life. This version of iOS was limited for the access of iPhone 4S users. The iPhone 4S users who up graded the device to the new version claimed that their iPhones battery life were reduced with the activation of updation.

Apart from this lower battery life it also lacked the security associating the passcode which is used in screen unlocking. It also had issues in compatibility with networks. Apple covered out the mistakes and hopefully come with the new version of iOS before February 20th of this year. The new up gradation will be also limited to certain series of device.

The new version iOS 6.1.2 which is to be released on this February is expected to solve all the problems that iOS made in the last version. Now it is essential for Apple to make their customers happy. In the first week of February Apple Company witnessed a great loss in the share market like never happened before in past four years.

Apple iOS 6.1.2 will automatically arrives at your iDevices, will be small in size as it is just a bug fix. This iOS 6.1.2 updation will also fixes calender bugs, network problem and battery dryness.