Apple introduced new 8 pin lightening connector

The Apple event that held on September 12 not only unveils iPhone 5 and iPod series but also added a new connector called lightening connector. The new lightening connector replaces the 32 pin connector which is used since from 2003.Apple introduced new 8 pin lightening connector

The new lightning adapter has an interface of eight signal design. It is very easy to use and has improved durability. It can be also used on reversible mode that is you can insert in either way. Lighetning connector is used in iPhone 5 new I pod touch and I pod nano for various functions such as charging data synchronization and outputting audio.

The lighetning connector offers many functionalities it is very light and easy to use. But Apple said that it won’t compatible with some products. The lightning connector charged $29 at the store it is not a free products from the company. It is also require an adapter to connect with old products.

Unique features of Apple’s lightning connector

  1. Lightning connector offers power, playback controls, data transfer through single system
  2. It is 80 percentage smaller than that of  30 pin connector.
  3. Support video output.
  4. Can insert the pin in both direction.
  5. More durable than 32 pin connector.