Apple I hit Christie’s auction site for a starting price of $300000

The best ever thing that can be achieve by richest people is to collecting the rare things of the world. There are many auction sites exiting in internet to providing rare things for the wishers. Now Apple I hit Christie’s auction site for a starting price of $300000.

Apple I hit Christie’s auction siteChristie’s is world’s biggest auction house. Every year hits with billion dollars of auctioning.  Now the techworld’s most valuable Apple I hit Christie’s auction site. Christie’s auction site will conduct this auctioning until July 9. But the important thing to be noted is that starting price of this auction is eye watering one – $300000.

Apple I hit Christie’s auction site

The first ever product from the tech giant Apple gone for auction from 24th June to June 9 at computer history museum in Mount view, California.  “This is a deed from which entire orchard grew, and without this there would be no Apple” the professor of computer science at Columbia university Stephen Edwards said.

Why his ate for Apple I computer? It is just because of it is the first product from two legends called Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Also it is the forerunner of today’s innovative Mac devices. It is to be noted that only the motherboard of Apple I computer remains as unchanged they keyboard, monitor and some other parts modified by one who owns this device three decades ago.

The one who win in the auction will gets Apple I operation manual along with the device. The guide of Apple I portrait with first ever Apple logo. It reminds the Apple Company in 1976. Sir Isaac Newton sit under an Apple tree is the first ever logo of Apple Inc. Moreover Apple I is the first ever invention from one of the greatest genius called Steve Jobs. One who have enough money in the bank account can’t be ownered with anything valuable than this. It is thinks to be this auction will surely cross half a billion dollar for sure.