Apple fire back to Samsung via webpage

Apple updated the site with a list of things which makes iPhone stand out from other ordinary smartphones. ‘If there’s iPhone then there is everything else’ this is the title line that we can see in the webpage. Through this Apple fire back to Samsung via webpage.

Apple fire back to Samsung via webpageThis updation in the site just after two days of Samsung Galaxy SIV shows that Apple is more curious on the gadget released by Samsung. The title in the webpage of Apple official site clearly shows the reason for the iPhone dominance in the market. Apple Inc claims that iPhone makes you do many things easy as well as makes you do many things easily.

Apple fire back to Samsung via webpage

There are many features that iPhone has which make it the best among other new smartphones including the most hopefully released smartphone of the year Samsung Galaxy SIV. Samsung launched this latest Galaxy S series smartphone in the event on March 14th at New York.

Will the new smartphone from Samsung the Galaxy SIV makes an end for iPhone dominance? We can wait to see what is going to happen in the tech world. It seems that the customer support that Apple have will not end with the newest member of Samsung Galaxy S series.

The update in the site of Apple gives the clear picture of iPhone customer support. Apple iPhone have won the award for customer satisfaction of JD Power and Associates eight times. This shows that iPhone followers have not gone behind any other products since iPhone was introduced.

This great customer support of this Apple product was not got by luck it’s the best features and services that iPhone provides to the customers make it loved by the users all time. Operational easiness, physical design and performance are important for the users of a phone and iPhone provides these.

Best Design

We know first impression is the best and in case of smartphone it’s the physical appearance and features which influences the customer first. Apple iPhone has got the best thin design without sacrificing any of the performance features. Sleek Aluminum enclosure for the iPhone makes it look perfect and easily portable. The smooth surface by the use of Aluminum enclosure makes it comfortable for handling too.

Retina Display

Apple products are the only devices which has got the retina display in it which gives a perfect treat for eyes on images and words. This high resolution display in the iPhones makes you view everything vivid and crisp. With this high resolution display you can enjoy each and every minute feature of images you capture or text that that you type with your iPhone.

High Battery Support

Thought iPhone does not have a great battery that other smartphones have it have a great battery life which is far better than others. With the thin and light physical design it has also got the Li- Ion battery which goes exactly in blend with the external appearance of device and has an 8 hours browsing or talk time and 10 hour video play back in a single time charging.

Powerful A6 Chip

A6 chip which goes in hand with the iOS 6 makes your work remarkably fast with iPhone. This makes you enjoy the high speed performance with your iPhone without sacrificing battery power much.

Ultra-Fast Network Connectivity

You can get connected with internet, stream contents and download whatever you want with your iPhone in a lightning speed as it has incorporated way to fit LTE. Dual band 802.11n makes your Wi Fi connection best. As Apple iPhone supports network all over the world it’s easy to get connected to world through internet with your iPhone.

Best Camera

iPhone camera is the best camera which gives amazing picture experience for the users. With the inclusion of 8MP camera in which hardware and software blend together to capture impressing picture without prespecified lighting conditions are the great advantage of iPhone.


The largest and most trusted entertainment store of the world. It consist of more than 800000 applications which have malware protection. There is security for the applications available in the iTune store.

iOS 6

This is one of the best mobile platform that world have seen ever. As the company works on the hardware and software for the device the OS exclusively made for Apple products take the advantage of it and make the performance better.

Apart from all these distinct features which are seen in Apple iPhones there are many more specialties for it such as iCloud, Siri. The main advantage of iPhone is that it has got its own hardware and software support and backups.

As we see in the market there is no other brands with their own hardware and software department which works with the efficiency and perfection that Apple does. Though Android OS has got a large acceptance in the market because of its open source availability in the recent years Apple didn’t lost its dominance in the market. It’s only because of these specifications listed above which make it the best among other smartphones.