Apple CEO Tim Cook apologies for maps flap

Like previous releases, Apple unveiled iOS6 along with iPhone 5. One of the main features of iOS6 is inbuilt Apple Maps, unfortunately it prone to many errors. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook apologies for maps flap.
Apple CEO Tim Cook apologies for maps flap

Apple always thinking of to use its own hardware and software for their product. That’s why they replaces Google maps from iOS6 and implements its own map. But their attempt is end with an error prone service from the company ever. The effective updations from Google maps and Nokia Lumia 920’s city lens augment reality made this problem more critical.

The main problem behind Apple’s mapping service is they only focused on American countries rather than making a whole Globe coverage. But many American cities are misplaced by Apple’s map service. The major searches in this map are directed to wrong results. The wrong results are mainly shown in European region. Also the satellite imagery of European countries is obstructed by cloud. Maps also missing with lots of local places.

Main problems in iOS6 Map

  1. Only concentrated on American countries.
  2. Search for London cities meet with geographical errors.
  3. Didn’t show street view.
  4. Poor integration with Siri.
  5. Many States are wrongly placed.