Apple and HTC settle global patent issues

Apple and HTC settle global patent issues. Both companies signed up for a ten year license agreement and dismiss the lawsuits face by the two companies. They have extended the license for future patents and didn’t disclose more informations about the settlement.

Apple and HTC settle global patent issuesIn the year 2010 Apple accused HTC Corporation for infringing a number of technologies of popular I phone series. Apple had filed total of twenty patents against HTC. In the case most of them are about the infringing of popular softwares. The U.S International Trade Commission confirmed that HTC had infringed many patents of Apple. Thereafter HTC Corporation banned in their sales for some ranges. HTC Corporation had infringes the following patents:

  • Patent ‘331’: This patent is focused for time based at the same time non constant translation of user interface objects. It is ownered by Apple Inc.
  • Patent ‘949’: Determining commands by graphical user interface also the touch based application system.
  • Patent ‘894’: Unlocking by using touch based gestures.
  • Patent ‘381’: Display rotation and list scrolling.
  • Patent ‘726’: Customizations for power options with digital camera devices.
  • Patent ‘105’: Improved communication capacity and quality by GMSK.

After five months later in August 2010 HTC filed lawsuit against Apple. But HTC failed to prove that Apple infringed the patents. Always the Apple focused on the operating system used by HTC – Android. Apple hardly believed that Android is copied from their technologies. But they never had gone for a straight fight against Google.

Now both companies HTC and Apple settle all patent issues between them. They reveal that this settlement helps to focus on just new innovations. HTC Corporations also hopes for the best to improve their product market. They are one of the popular manufactures of Android operating system. Now Android have more than 75 percentage market share. HTC aims that the usage of this dominant OS will change their market graph.

Previously Apple filed countersuit against Korean electronics giant Samsung over six patents. The U.S court reported that Samsung had infringed four out of six patents. This legal victory over Samsung had made $1 billion to Apple Inc. It was revealed that more than twenty Samsung devices are infringed the patents.

The main patents of Apple that are infringed by Samsung are scrolling of a page and rubber band effect which is coming under patent 381. There are about 21 Samsung devices are coming under this patent. The next one is pinch to zoom of 915 patents. The exceeding two patents is 163 and D’677 which are described about double tap of screen and switching of hardware respectively.

Even though Samsung had failed in patent case against Apple they hold maximum shares in smartphone and tablet market by the release of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy note II. Now Samsung Galaxy SIII exceeding the sales of Apple I phone 4S with 18 million hits in short time. But the patent cases and competition degrade the Taiwanese manufacture HTC and their market falls down by 14%. They focus for a new successful era with this patent issues settlement with Apple.