Apple addicts ruined Samsung Facebook page

A month ago Apple wins a legal victory over Samsung electronics and the court ordered the Korean company to pay $1 billion to Apple. Now this tech war is handled by brand addict fans. Today Apple addicts ruined official Samsung Facebook page.Apple addicts ruined Samsung Facebook page

Later Samsung filed many patent cases against Apple. But all time the victory will stand with Apple Inc. So the Samsung focused on most awaited smart phone Apple I phone 5. They reported and ad on very popular news paper which highlight that iPhone 5 is not the dominant one and it is not much good as its Samsung Galaxy SIII. In that time many brand addicts starts an open fight in popular online services mainly in face book.

After the very next day of Samsung posted the ad a Apple fan boy release another ad which shows up I phone 5 is the real leader of smart phone and many SIII features are infringed. He also indicated that iPhone 5 is the all round succeeded smart phone in mobile world.

On this week in official Facebook page Samsung posted a question that which electronic device you choice while you go for an island desert. Unexpectedly most of answers are filled with iPhone 5 rather than Galaxy SIII or Galaxy note. This will show that a group of Apple fans or addicts take over Samsung’s official FB page.

Healthy competitions and challenges is must for every successful business. But when the competition turns to fight between the customers surely it will definitely affect the reputation of talented companies.