ANZAC Day 2013 Google Doodle

Battle at Gallipoli is remembered by Google on April 25th, the anniversary day of the incident in the year 2013 with a special poppy flower in the homepage. Poppy flower is commonly used for honoring the soldiers and other veterans who dedicated their life and soul for the country.

ANZAC Day 2013 Google Doodle Google also honored those veterans on this day in the year 2013 with this special change in the homepage landed on New Zealand. Though there is only a small poppy flower in the page it’s enough to tell all about the great battle at Gallipoli as ANZAC Day 2013 Google Doodle .

There is a small history behind using Poppy flower to honor those who died in battle fought for the country. It was in the poem of McCrae the poppy flower was used as a part of Remembrance Day. The legend says that once when the poet was sitting near the tomb of the friend who died in the battle he saw many poppy flowers blossoming near it and he included it in the poem that he wrote for his friend.

From then poppy flower is associated with ANZAC Day and other Remembrance Days that is observed all over the world. Poppy wreaths, poppy flower bouquets and poppy flower decorations are common in almost all places where special programs are organized for the remembrance ceremonies.

Apart from honoring the soldiers who died during the battle of Gallipoli this day also is dedicated to show the love and respect for those family members who gave their loved once for the country. Many special programs takes place all over the country on this day for respecting all those veterans who gave life for country.

Australia and New Zealand are the two countries where the ANZAC Day celebrations takes place. ANZAC, the name itself is abbreviation of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Though the celebration of the primarily started in the year 1916 its importance improved much more after that.

Today there is a wide range of programs including special traditional sports play and ritual in the worship place on the day. Google also showed their respect for the kind hearted people who dedicated everything for nation on the day by placing this beautiful poppy in the homepage.