ANZAC Day 2006 doodle in Australia and New Zealand

As a part of remembering all the citizens who died in wars, conflicts and other peacekeeping activities , ANZAC Day is observed in Australia and New Zealand. It is celebrated as National Day in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZAC Day 2006 doodle
ANZAC Day 2006 doodle (April 25, 2006)

Google releases special doodles on the occasion of Remembrance Day celebrations such as ANZAC Day.Google released ANZAC Day 2006 doodle on this special occasion. The ANZAC Day 2006 Google doodle contain full of poppy flowers. The poppy flower is the symbol of the blood given by the soldiers during the war. Most ANZAC Day doodle contains that poppy flower.

Through this Remembrance Day people get a chance to remember and thank those one who is suffered for their country. The abbreviation of ANZAC is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The ANZAC Day celebration is also celebrated as a way to honor all the members of ANZAC. This ANZAC army was formed during World War I by Ottoman Empire at Gallipol.

Other countries like Niue, Cook Islands, Tonga and Pitcairn Islands also celebrates ANZAC Day. The celebration has also some similarity with other Remembrance Day celebrations in other countries which is known in different names such as Remembrance Day, Armistice Day and Veteran’s Day.

ANZAC Day Ceremony
ANZAC Day Ceremony [Image Credit :]
In 1916 date April 25 was officially declared as the ANZAC Day. On that day special commemorative ceremonies were conducted in Australia and New Zealand. Another main attraction of the celebration is the parade of Australian and New Zealand Battalion troops in the London city.

It is only after the 2nd World War the ANZAC Day is considered as a Remembrance Day for those who have died in Second World War for Australia and New Zealand. Later it was broadened as a day to co –memorize all those who suffer for their home country in different incidents.

As a part of modern day celebrations a Rugby League match is conducted as ANZAC Test since from 1997. Before one week for the ANZAC Day the match is played, between Australia and New Zealand. It is also a way to attract and to memorize the importance of the day.