Celebrated 161st Birthday Antoni Gaudi’s with Google Doodle

Google doodle on June 25th , 2013 was specially designed to remember Antoni Gaudi’s 161st Birthday, the famous architect from Spain. Gaudi’s works shows that he was a passionate architect. Today, Google in doodle to remember him included his important works.

Antoni Gaudi Google Doodle
Antoni Gaudi Google Doodle (June 25, 2013)

In the Antoni Gaudi Google doodle , the logo characters are written with the pictures of his works. Gaudi was the architect who has got great passion for nature, religion and architecture. The unique design style that he shows in all of his works make him admired by architects of all era.

Antoni Gaudi’s major works are concentrated in Catalonia, Modernism is reflected in each of his works. Sagrada Familia, Casa Milia, Casa Vicens, Colonia Guell and Park Guell are some among the building which were beautified by his hands. Creativity that reflects in each of his works are amazing and it shows his skills clearly.

Antoni Gaudi
Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was born on June 25th in 1852. From the childhood itself he have shown great interest in architectural works. Out of his works its Sagrada Familia is the most known and visited place in Spain.

UNESCO listed seven of his buildings in the list of World Heritage Site from 1984 till 2004. It’s because of his distinctive style of work these sites were listed as the world heritage site.

There were many specialty for Antoni Gaudi’s works. He was the first person who studied of the scope of recycling waste and using it for the construction works. His entire life was dedicated for art and art work. He was the man who had great love for the work. It can be seen in each of his work.

It was the uniqueness of his work which make him recognized all around the world. Now also architectures take his works as a base to construct unique models. Google  by dedicating Antoni Gaudi Google Doodle announced the importance of his works.