Anniversary of Lunar Landing Google Doodle

Lunar landing which took place in the year 1969 was an outstanding event in the history of scientific world. It was an incident which made change to the life of man. It was on July 20th first man put his feet on moon.

Anniversary of Lunar Landing Google Doodle
Anniversary of Lunar Landing(July 20, 2005)

On the anniversary of this historic incident Google decorated its home page with a special comic doodle. Google doodle were represented entirely with comic out sketch. Doodle included the picture of space vehicle on the moon and astronauts watching it with binocular. Designer of Anniversary of Lunar Landing Google Doodle had done a beautiful imaginative work in this doodle. Replacement of Google letter ‘o’ with the space craft and moon went in hand with theme of the day.

It was the space flight Apollo 11 which added the number of stars in the success history of NASA. Apollo 11 included three astronauts in its journey to success. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins those three men who were landed in the first time in space. Among those three it was Neil Armstrong who first landed on the moon and spends the more time in space. The second one to get the honor of this rarest achievement is Buzz Aldrin. Buzz spent a time which is somewhat little lesser than Neil Armstrong in space.

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong
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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spend about twenty one and a half hours successfully on the surface of moon. After completing the mission they landed on earth on July 24th. The first step of man in moon was shown in the live TV broad cast. It was Michael Collins who designed and piloted the mission of Apollo 11.

It was Saturn V which launched Apollo 11 from its launch pad. People from many places crowded on the launching site o view this incident. It was at the place Sea of Tranquility Apollo 11 first landed on in the lunar space.

Success of Apollo 11 was the result of continuous hard work and dedication of more than thousands of scientists. Day and night work of scientists in NASA to make this mission great success were really appreciable.

Neil Armstrong who first landed on the lunar space was born on August 5th in 1930. He was an astronaut, professor, aeronautical engineer and test pilot. He was also a member in US Navy who served the nation at the time of Korean War. After his flight to moon he became hero in millions of hearts. It was through his continuous hard work and training this mission of Apollo 11 became the most successful among the history.

On the anniversary of Lunar Landing on 20th July in 2005 many programs were organized to make it remember all the efforts took by NASA and the country to make this mission of Apollo 11 a success.